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Al Dente Minnow “Nugget.” Same idea as my standard Al Dente Minnow with half the amount of the treated suede body. Jerk style fly designed to have a slow sink rate once the air is worked free and the material is fully saturated with water. SF blend material tail.

Hollow flex head that can be made to encapsulate 3mm - 4mm rattle (not included) if needed. Rattle can be inserted into the rear of the head and worked forward. A dab of glue or flexible resin may be needed to hold the rattle in place.

1/0 @ 3”+/-

Recommend: 7 - 9 weight line. Sinking or floating


For faster fly saturation and air removal, submerge fly and squeeze 6 times minimum.

Al Dente Minnow _ Nugget

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