CGH Swim Tails - Breakaway/Body Kit 3-pack, size (MED. STD) Medium Standard. Kit includes (3) Pre-measured, foul resistant suede body sections, (3) Lengths of wire material & (3) Breakaway/replaceable suede swim tails.


These foul resistant swim tail kits make a great a addition to almost any subsurface streamer style fly. Small kits make a finished fly length of approximately 4 1/4”, depending on the customers choice of pattern and hook. Recemended for hook sizes 3/0 - 4/0.


Customer is responsible for providing their own hooks and all other fly tying materials (Not included.) Extra CGH breakaway tail packs can be purchased seperately if needed.


Tails will arrive unfolded (as pictured) to prevent damage during shipping. Customer is responsible for gluing individual tails into swim tail shape. (see folding/gluing directions in photos)

CGH Breakaway Swim Tail / Body Kit 3-Pack (MED. STD)