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4 pack of CGH Curly Tails - EZ Loops


CGH EZ Ulta Suede Curly Tails. Now reconfigured with an easy to use loop end for quick tail replacements, removals, tail size and/or color changes. This added feature is designed to be used with flies that have an internal connection loop. This loop can be added to an abundance of different fly patterns and can be made out of whatever the tyer has on hand. Such as flexible wire or monofilament.

Please follow this link to my YouTube channel for proper loop attachment instructions @ CGH Custom Tackle


4 sizes to choose from.

LG - 1 5/8” L, uncurled 3 1/4”

MED. - 1 1/4” L, uncurled 2 7/8”

SM - 1” L, uncurled 2 1/4”

XSM - 7/8” L, uncurled 1 3/4”

CGH Curly Tails_ EZ Loop-4 Pack

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