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3 pack of CGH Full (foul resistant) Body Curly tails.


Same great innovative design as my full body, foul resistant CGH Swim Tails, now in a curly tail. This foul resistant two ply body feature is sized to each individual tail size and helps to prevent the tail from rolling forward and fouling on the hook. This new feature also gives the tyer the option of adding a mini rattle (not included) when folding and gluing the suede material into shape.


Tails are available in three sizes and various colors. Tails are designed to be used on most hook styles.


3 sizes to choose from:

MED - 4”

SM - 3.5”

XSM - 3”

CGH Full Body Curly Tails_3 Pack

CGH Swim Tail V2_Color: White
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