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Fast sinking jig style fly. Designed specifically for brackish water species such as White Perch with their relatively small mouths, but work equally well on many other species in both fresh and saltwater.

Due to their smaller size, these flies are sold 2 to a pack. Each order is for 2 matching flies. No mismatching of hook size, tail type or colors.

Flies are available in two different hook sizes and tail types. Flies are tied on J2 60* bend jig hooks, slotted tungsten bead, chenille wrap body and custom CGH suede tail.

Fly length / bead per hook size:

Size 10 - 1-1/8”, 3/16” bead

Size 12- 7/8”, 5/32” bead

Haliners Demise_Mini jig fly_2 Pack

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